Thursday, January 15, 2009

Because I love my bed.

I need your help friends.

I am looking for new bedding. I've looked online a few places, but I haven't really made any decisions. When is the last time you looked through a Victoria's Secret magazine? Welllll, you know those ads where they're laying in a big silky red bed? I want that. Silky sheets. They can be sateen, or satin or whatever. I want them to be soft and pretty. I need to find a matching comforter as well.

I want boys to love my bed. :)

So just comment with some suggestions. I'll really appreciate it. Where did you get your sheets?

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Nicole and Jesse said...

I have a pair of brown satin sheets that I bought from Urban Outfitters - they had red, pink, and teal too. However, I just checked their site and they're not online anymore. Darn! Maybe check in-store at your local version of Urban Outfitters?

Check ebay too!

- Nicole