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Captured Love


Updated Photographers!

I updated the photographers section in my blogroll. The newly added photographers have an * by their names! Check em outtttttttttt.

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Here we go!

So I got a job, and my life is about to go crazy! I've been working hard to gather up some posts to make this a little easier but if I fall off the face of the internet, please forgive for I will come back! I just really need to make some money for Christmas gifts and such, so I will be working many many hours a week. :(

Anyways, I hate Mariah Carey's new commercial for her stupid fragrance! Sorry! Had to get that out.

Perfect Pair Inspiration: Kathryn & Brandon

Kathryn & Brandon's wedding was photographed by the amazing Whitebox Weddings. They had engagement shots done as well!

How did you two meet? Brandon and I knew each other for almost two years before we begandating. We met at church, and spent time hanging out together at different events. Apparently Brandon had a little crush on me fromthe time he met me, but I was completely unaware.After a year and a half of knowing each other, I moved from Raleigh to New York City. Brandon came to visit, along with some other friends, for the new year. That weekend we walked the city streets, visited museums, and rang in the new year together. As the clock struck midnight, I realized I wanted him to kiss me. And with that thought, I realized everything between us had just changed. The next day, the friends were scheduled to leave. But Brandon booked a flight to stay another day with me. We spent it laughing, talking, and eating pancakes. By the next day, we were officially a couple.
How long have you been together? Brandon and I got married one year and three days after we began dating. We were married on January 5, 2008.
How did you get engaged? In Raleigh on summer break, a friend woke me up at 5 am and, after Igot ready, took me to the airport. But then my flight was cancelled! Eventually, I was put on another flight and made it to New York City. I had a map from Brandon of Central Park with a big "X" on it, so I hopped in a cab to make my way there. Not only was I seriously late due to my flight problems, but the city had just underwent a terrible storm. The subway system had been shut down for several hours, so traffic was a nightmare! As I was stuck in traffic, I realized I only had $40 to make it to my destination. And that's when I started praying! Fortunately, I made it to the west side of the park (it took all of my $40) and started into the park. When I got to the famous angel statue next to the lake, I looked around for Brandon. But he wasn't there! At that point, my frustration got the best of me and I called him. "Where exactly are you?" I asked. "At the X," he said. "No you aren't, I am!" Finally, he convinced me to "walk west," until I ran into him at another spot by the lake. He walked me down a path, said some wonderful things about how much he loves me, and then dropped to his knee. We spent the rest of the day in the city, then flew back to Raleigh that evening. He could not have done a better job making the whole proposal both memorable and meaningful!
What is your favorite thing about each other? Brandon and I love the same things about each other. We were first attracted to each other's faith. And we absolutely love to be playful, act silly, and laugh!
What was the first thing you picked out or decided after you got engaged? I actually chose our photographers first! It's like I explained to my dad... besides the husband, the pictures are the most important thing I get to keep from the wedding! I found Whitebox Weddings on the Knot and was sold after browsing their website. The wonderful color and freshness of their style fit Brandon and I perfectly! Sara and Mel were absolutely wonderful. Not only were they so easy to work with on the wedding day, but the photos are absolutely beautiful! We get compliments on them all the time.
The hardest part about planning your wedding? The guest list! Brandon and I have so many family, friends, and loved ones that it was hard to keep the guest list to a manageable number. But in the end, it was such a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by the people dearest to us on our special day.
Your favorite thing about your wedding? My dress and my red shoes! I loved wearing a tea-length dress, and I love the pop of color the red shoes provided. Not only did I feel that it expressed a little bit of my sassy personality, but I also love the way the color turned out in our pictures. Brandon knew I was planning to wear red shoes, but we didn't tell the rest of the family. We figured they may try to talk me out of it. In the end, even my grandmother (who was surprised and not excited at first) came around. She told me later that the shoes made for the best wedding pictures ever! Brandon was supportive from the start, and even wore red argyle socks to match!
Where and how did you pick out your wedding dress? I was determined to find a tea-length wedding dress, even though I was having a January wedding! I just felt like the style fit my personality, and I definitely wanted something a little bit different. I went to David's Bridal one afternoon to just browse. My dress was the second one I tried on. My mom wasn't even there!
Did you have something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue items? What were they? My something old was my grandmother's gold cross, which we attached to the ribbon on my bouquet. Something new was my red shoes! I borrowed my earrings from my best friend. And my something blue was a Carolina temporary tattoo, something special for my NC State alum husband!
Any traditions in your family you followed/used? Brandon and I aren't super-traditional people. So we weren't very concerned with a lot of the traditions or expectations that come along with weddings. But we did go for traditional vows. They truly expressed our heart and our commitment to each other.
Did you have a theme for your wedding? "Best day ever"... No really, we didn't have one.
Colors used? We had a black and white wedding. Except for the splash of red, of course!
In one word, your day was...? Fun!
Favorite moment in the whole day? I think the best moment was when our flower girl, Brandon's neice,wound up on stage between us and the audience. Initially, she wanted to be held by her dad, one of the groomsmen. But when he let her down to go join her mom in the audience, she got a little distracted. Instead, she sat down on the edge of the stage where we were standing and scooted her way to the middle. She spent most of the ceremony just sitting there, directly between us and the audience, enjoying the attention of all the eyes on her!
Where was the honeymoon?! We went to Hawaii for twelve days. It was fabulous!

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My Mistake

This image-
-used as my old blog header was taken by Darice Michelle. The credit that should of been given to her wasn't due to my mistake in not making sure the credit was saved. Please visit her site and see her amazing work.


I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving! I just got back home, and will post soon. Enjoy your break!

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The perfect dress. For at least right this moment.

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Perfect Pair Inspiration: Karrie & Brian

This is the cutest wedding ever. Karrie made all the paper work! She has her own site and now works with her sister in law at Posh-Paperie! The photographer was the oh-so-amazing Amy Squires.



















How did you two meet? We met at a Wedding, I was the guest book attendant, and I asked him to sign the book. We spoke briefly, then he asked me out on a date later that week!!!
How long have you been together? Now, we have been together for 2 and a half years!
How did you get engaged? Brian had a limo pick me up, and it took me to the Hotel Del Coronado. He was there all dressed up, and had a blanket out on the sand (the hotel is on the beach) covered in rose petals.. he popped the question in the most beautiful place ever!!!
What is your favorite thing about each other? we are both quirky.. so we admire that about each other, and try to get the other one laughing!!
How or when was it that you knew you were in love with each other? 3rd date.. He was such a gentleman! I thought "if this guy is for real.. i am in!!"
What was the first thing you picked out or decided after you got engaged? colors!!!!
The hardest part about planning your wedding? I am a designer so my taste changes all the time!!! But I decided and stuck to it!
Your favorite thing about your wedding? the actual day.. after all that planning.. just enjoying it :)
Where and how did you pick out your wedding dress? Who was with you? my sister.. my mom. my ma in la, and my sister in law.they all voted on it.. so i said.. they ALL must know what looks good!
Did you have something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue items? What were they? no.. too bad.
Did you have a theme for your wedding? shilouettes.. i did them through out the big day. a shilouette cutter, all over the paper products, and of course.. shilouette cookies!
Colors used? grey and green
How did you choose the rings? HE DID!!!
In one word, your day was...? PERFECT.
Favorite moment in the whole day? when my mom and I stood at the reception at the very end... and decided it was a success!!!
What was the "first dance" song? Michael Buble.. "everything"
Where was the honeymoon?! french Riviera!

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TMI Tuesday!

So uhhh, I think I should tell you some fun facts about myself every Tuesday. I think it will be a fun way to get to know me and my reader! I'm pretty sure I'll start with like facts and maybe I can tell a little about myself with some stories or something!

1. I absolutely LOVE music. It's probably one of the biggest parts of my life. I listen to all different genres, but I normally avoid rap. There are some songs I can stand though. I will most definitely be posting some love songs and what not here and there because I absolutely love sharing music too!

2. I use to blog. Of course I also blog now, but I'm talking about life blog. And I can't lie, I had a good amount of blogging friends. I was doing real good and all, making relationships, then one day I just couldn't blog anymore. I got tired of it or had nothing to really say. I still read a few in my Google reader. As I think about it though, I don't know if I could get sick of this blog. I really love it and it helps to free my mind a lot, actually.

3. I need a job. (No explaining that really...)


I think these things sum up my life pretty well right now.

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I am sorry!

For I have fallen off the blogging world. I have been uberly busy with things unimaginable, but now, they have calmed down. I promise many many posts to come and exciting real weddings to feature! Don't hate me!

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Does anyone know a jeweler that is willing to work with me to design a ring that will be of great importance to me? They need to be able to work with sterling silver and such and stones. :) Please email me or leave a comment telling me their info or site.

Also, they need to be fairly reasonably priced.

Thank you!


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Bella Photography Giveaway

Visit Bella Photography to enter for a $4,800 photography giveaway!

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New Blogs Added!

I updated the Blogroll, and here are the added blogs! :)

OC's Finest Wedding Planner
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The Brides Guide

You really should.

Go on over to Elizabeth Anne Designs and see the perfect wedding cake they had custom made! I couldn't stop looking at it!

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Garters: Peterene Design

These garters caught my eye when I was browsing through Etsy. Check out PetereneDesign and I PROMISE you'll find something for you wedding day. Here are a few favorites!