Tuesday, December 22, 2009


So I claimed to be back, and I am, but there are some differences I'd like to let you know about before completely changing everything. My posts will mostly be the same, but I'll be showing more of my wedding wants and needs. I need a lot of help, and I KNOW I can get it here through all you wedding lovers! I've also changed the name to Forever Loving You. I could never find the right name, and I feel hopefully that's it!

So I'm trying to come back strong, and that may be why its taking me a while. I swear I'm trying though!

Thank you and I love you all!


ako??? said...

HI! congrats. :D I just dropped by to invite those single ladies there to drop by dating sites so that they can marry someone. hehehe

Ioana-Carmen said...

Hello dear ^^ your blog is so pretty! let's follow each other, would be fun :)what do u say?:X